” I won’t always tell you what you want to hear… but… I will always tell you what you need to know. ”

My first Hole-in-one at Langara Golf Course on hole number 3.

Norman learned in life that we gravitate to those we trust, those we can count on and those we call upon when we need advice. When it comes to real estate Norman wants to gain your trust and build a successful relationship by providing value when it is needed. One skill Norman utilizes is the Art of Listening. He takes the time to listen first – finding out what his clients’ wants and needs are – then providing all the necessary information and guidance so his client can make a well informed decision.

What brings success to Norman is being a master at being visible when needed and available when called upon.

Norman brings “value” to the table.

• In today’s technological age, while the vast majority of home buyers search online for homes, a record percentage of them continue to use their local real estate agent to close the transaction.
• Buyer and seller can easily get overwhelm with the amount of real estate data online. Norman interprets this information and can present it in a concise and meaningful way.
• For most people, buying and selling a home is a rare event. On average people keep their home for 5 to 7 years. It is a very unfamiliar process for most people.
• Also, there is a large amount of money at stake. So if people are unsure about their ability to handle the transaction, they will not risk making a mistake with this much money on the line.
• Unlike airline tickets, real estate is not a commodity. Each deal is different and complicated filled with unique emotional and legal factors.
• Norman is a well connected agent and can be the difference in finding that best house or that best buyer.
• He brings critical local market knowledge. He knows what is going on in the area and specific factors most affect value.
• With over 30 years of selling real estate, Norman has built up connections and networks to gain access to pre-mls and non-mls listings. His buyers gets an inside track while representing the buyers’ best interest and  snagging the best deal.
• It is very difficult for buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other. It is an emotional process where egos and tempers can flare. Norman can buffer and negotiate issues that buyers and sellers cannot find common ground when dealing directly.
• Norman is skilled, experienced, well connected real estate agent adding value to the table.

Picture 004 business cardRP-Realty-logo-PMS

Norman Lum is an Associate Broker at Royal Pacific Realty Corp and has a B.Comm. degree in urban land economics and finance from the University of BC. He has qualified and held the prestigious RI(BC) and FRI professional designations. With his academic background and over 30 years work experience Norman will look after you through the entire real estate process. Call Norman today at (604) 603-8133. Or email him at:



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